The Passion Formula

  •  September 20, 2020

The Passion Formula

Excessive feeling, ardent love, intense and enthusiastic affection. Everything happens so spontaneously and truly that many people hope to be victims of the passion attack. But formula reveals that it is possible to provoke in minutes the feeling that forms bonds forever.

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Everyone expects to fall in love.

But an article published in January on the The New York Times, gained worldwide repercussion by suggesting that the most cherished sentiment of mankind may be provoked.

In it, the American Mandy Len Catron reveals that it is possible to get out of passivity in expecting to be hit by Cupid's arrow, with the successful application of the "passion formula".

While reading at the University of British Columbia, Canada, where she is a teacher, Mandy learned about tests from psychologist Arthur Aron, who caused two strangers to fall in love in the laboratory in 1997.

Almost 20 years later, she recreated the experience, with the questions being read on her mobile screen. That night she and her target really fell in love.


Question: Say three things you think you have in common with the test taker.

The technique consists of two unknown people alternately answering 36 questions that become more personal as the questionnaire progresses.

It all ends with a deep look in each other's eyes for four minutes.

Among the questions, the first is “Would you like to be famous? In what way? The investigation follows with questions such as "What would be a perfect day for you?".

Among the most intimate are “Tell your life in detail for a few minutes” and “When was the last time you sang alone? And for someone else?

The experiment yielded a marriage, in which the scientists involved were godparents and godmothers. With positive results like these, the expectation is to continue approaching couples.

Wanting to fall in love?

This is your chance to get out of passivity and take the reins of passion in your own hands.

Do the test. The full list of questions you can find here - in English.

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