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The origin of gossip

  •  September 20, 2020

Why do we gossip?

It's not just kids in the playground or neighbors on the wall. Apparently everyone practices. Gossip consists in making statements that are not based on concrete facts, speculating on the lives of others. Video tries to explain more simply why we indulge in the temptation of the tongue.

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The gossip is democratic. The "tell me told me" habit prevails among different social class groups and age groups. In the age of social networking, there is no control over the damage that any rumor can do. But does the habit serve a purpose?

The reason may be because we are focused more on what happens around us than on ourselves. Because speaking of others we feel better with the comparison. Or simply to make time pass.

A video made by the YouTube channel SoulPancake leaves out the experts and asks the common people why we are used to talking about others. The answers are many.

And you, why gossip?


1948 Normal Rockwell Picture Illustrates How Gossip Works

Check out the following video why we gossip.

The Science Of Gossip and Rumors (September 2020)