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The most beautiful marathon in the world

  •  April 3, 2020

The most beautiful marathon in the world

Three months to go! Even for those who don't run, Big Sur is such a beautiful place that it leaves visitors breathless. What is needed, in a scenario that every year receives this unique race - where to arrive is not the prize, but simply participate.

On one side are lonely beaches and stretches where the sea beat mercilessly on the rocks below. On the other, woods and mountains. What's beautiful, this race is hard. The Big Sur International Marathon, California, route runs along Highway 1, which is closed to car traffic for five hours between the Big Sur Forest Reserve and the village of Carmel, home to the rich and famous. . There are countless hills, not to mention the strong wind, that blows nonstop and tests the determination of the runners.

The high point of the test is really high. Right in the middle of the way, the runners find the Bixby Bridge, the beautiful bridge built in 1932 at exactly 100 meters. Still impacted by the sight of the so-called Hurricane Point, the surprise gets even bigger when they meet the live pianist who performs a concert to serve as a soundtrack - in which, for safety reasons, it is forbidden to use headphones, according to instructions. USATF (American sports body).

If you were looking for a goal for your workouts, found it. In addition to the marathon, there are also two relay events, 21 km and 5 km races. But as the award is symbolic (since the race is charitable), no Kenyans appear. But there is no cakewalk. The 2013 winner, resident of neighboring Monterey, completed the race at 2:27:48. That is, the party is inclusive and everyone wants to participate. Is very! Places are limited and registration has already sold out on the official website, and now it is only possible to run after a vacancy through the entities supported by the event organization.

the most beautiful marathon in the world

If the climbs fail, the view does the breathtaking work of the corridors

the most beautiful marathon in the world

The route follows Highway 1, between Big Sur and Carmel Nature Reserve

the most beautiful bridge marathon in the world

The race runs over the 100 meter high Bixby Bridge

the most beautiful marathon in the piano world

Halfway through, the traditional pianist makes the live soundtrack

the most beautiful marathon in the world medal

In California's laid-back mood, the medal is a piece of craftsmanship.

See below the official video of the race.

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