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The most ardent challenge in the world

  •  November 26, 2020

The most ardent challenge in the world

I love spicy food. But that creeps. For fans of the burning flavor, the challenge is to face a single snack made with the hottest pepper in the world. Because no one will want to repeat.

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Whether for taste or thermogenic power, I love peppers.

A functional food par excellence, they have analgesic, energy, digestive, antioxidant and vasodilatory qualities.

All thanks to the substance capsaicin, responsible for the spicy taste.

It induces the death of fat cells (oxidation process), decreasing the accumulated volume in different parts of the body - including the belly.

Capsaicin also activates brown adipose tissue, known to accelerate metabolism and hence the burning of calories by the body.

So it is a good idea to add pepper to your diet every time you can.

But is it also worth snacking?

American manufacturer Paqui is launching a package of spicy tortillas that will make her think twice about it.

Or even more.

Made with the world's burntest pepper, the Carolina Reaper Madness package contains only one unit.

The bet is that no one wants to repeat the dose.

Still, a contest challenges consumers to post photos chewing on the delicacy.

The intensity of the content can already be seen from the packaging design, which reproduces a coffin.

The product was developed with the participation of chef Ed Currie over several months, in search of the perfect dosage.

This is because, besides the Carolina Reaper species, the “softer” Ghost and Chipoltle were used.

The manufacturer recommends having a jar of ice cream, a glass of milk, yogurt or honey to mitigate the suffering.

Just don't try to put out the fire with water.

Water can spread capsaicin molecules through the mouth, which will make the experience even more terrifying.

If you are traveling to the United States, look for the snack food, which will be made for a limited time.


Creative packaging conveys content intensity

Check out the video that promotes the challenge.

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