The meat besides the chicken

  •  April 15, 2021

Chicken meat (without chicken)

Free-range chicken? No more animal cruelty and environmental damage. Israeli startup begins to produce poultry meat in the laboratory. And bet this is the food of the future.

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For reasons intrinsic to the activity itself, the meat industry is linked to animal suffering and environmental damage.

But for barbecue fans, dispensing chicken wings or even a hamburger is out of the question.

Now a campaign that seeks crowdfunding through the Indiegogo platform claims to have found a solution.

Israeli startup SuperMeat created laboratory-grown meat using tissue samples from a chicken taken without hurting the animal.

The cells are inserted into a “nutrient soup” where they multiply to form tissues and eventually real meat.

Not only does it taste like chicken, it's chicken - without all the negative impacts of its production.

For the same amount of conventionally produced chicken meat, farmed meat uses 99% less area, emits 96% less greenhouse gases and uses 96% less water.

The estimated price is that this meat costs about 40 reais per kilo.

Comparatively, it doesn't look like a good deal to the consumer.

But just think at what cost all animal protein is produced today.

Lab-grown meat can be healthier, less cruel and help fight hunger in underserved areas.

According to the project's text, "We are looking for a way to end the suffering of animals, but we are realistic about eating habits."

The project has already raised more than 100% of the estimated initial amount.

The next step is to raise another half a million dollars to develop the first machine.

To make an economically viable prototype feasible, an additional $ 2.5 million will be needed.

Eventually, the project's creators claim that a system like the one they developed will be employed for mass food production.

The question is only when this will be normalized.

As it requires little resources to produce, farmed meat can help in nourishing poorer areas.

In addition to all these benefits, it can be healthier, disease-free and even fortified with vitamins.

Check out the video that presents the project.

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