The lap over

  •  November 26, 2020

The lap over

Anyone who knows my story can imagine that even today some memories still touch me. I am talking about examples of people who, like me, faced the balance, faced a change in life. Read and be inspired by what Nikki has to tell us.

Now 45, Nikki Oakley is a British mother and former sugar addict. At its peak, there is no way of saying otherwise, addiction, its consumption of sweets and processed foods made it eat the equivalent of 50 tablespoons of sugar a day. The maximum recommended by the World Health Organization is only 6 spoons / day.

As you might have imagined, Nikki's routine was to wake up and sleep eating as much as she could: sweet biscuits for breakfast, cake for dinner, and a lot of dissatisfaction with her own life. To the newspaper Daily mailHe stated that he understood that his obsession was evidently psychological, and that he ate to "pass the time."

The urge to change began to grow stronger as Nikki simply began to cry as she entered the candy aisle in the supermarket. According to it (and as we well know), wherever you look, the appeals of foods enriched with white sugar are overt, appealing, and ultimately irresistible. Buy became torture, which still caused her severe headaches.

Now, since September, the story is different. Working in a nursery, Nikki joined a food consulting program, The Healthy Employee, which is offered to businesses in England. The program combines dietary recommendations and physical activity. These are tips, associated with professional accompaniment, to get people out of sedentary lifestyle and addiction to sweets - which, as we have seen, is stronger than us. Living in the city of Redditch, Worcestershire, she vigorously joined the program: zero sugar at once, running three times a week. To get this diet + run combo right, check out my LIT workout, which burns up to 400 calories at a time and slows your metabolism up to four hours later.

Using this example more, my challenge is to encourage you to make the leap. But remember: the decision to change is up to us, a matter of survival! Did you know that only 2% of the world's population remains thin? And you, what have you been doing to lose or maintain weight? Tell me here!


Nikki, still reducing measures and in front of everything he ate: have you done this experiment?

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