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The Kenyan Secret

  •  April 6, 2020

the secret of kenians

They are skinny, they run to school, they eat little, they live at altitude. There are many attempts to explain the success of Kenyans in racing. After all, is it possible to reproduce this formula?

Food, genetics, altitude? Looking for the answers that lead to top performers, athletes, coaches, scientists and reporters from around the world travel to Kenya for periods of immersion in the natives' lifestyle. All to investigate which factors would, in combination, favor Africans on the slopes and podiums.

Video of The guardian, which features interviews with marathon runners Tom Payn and Boniface Kiprop Kongin, tries to find out the reasons. See how cool is the t-shirt of the story reporter Adharanand Finn, author of the book Running with the Kenyans. Curious and instructive for race and fitness fans. Check it out.

Born To Run: The Kenyan Secrets (Documentary). (April 2020)