The ice is over

  •  April 9, 2020

The ice is over

The heat persists and, in some cities, such as São Paulo, ways to restrict consumption are already being studied. The low level of reservoirs also compromises the supply of electricity. Thinking of these extremes, what would it be like if all the ice on the planet melted?

It might take a while. According to scientists, there are still 5,000 years to go before the worst happens. But as we go, the forecast is net and right. If all the ice in the world melts, the ocean water level will rise by about 65 meters. The consequence you can imagine, with entire cities ceasing to exist and the entire population moving inland.

The phenomenon has been happening for a long time. 20,000 years ago, the areas where Chicago, New York and London grew up were pure ice. In this scenario of global warming, instead of the summer romance going up the mountain, it will be the entire coastline that will do this. We have already seen how the temperature has risen in a graph that shows rising weather and timeline.

You can now check out the predicted geographic changes on the interactive map created by National Geographic magazine. Or see the following images.

North America

The ice is over

North of our continent, we can see that the entire Atlantic coast would disappear, and there would be no trace of what Florida was. On the west coast, California would become an archipelago.

South America

The ice is over

Our Brazil will be very different. The Amazon region would be invaded by the sea. And in the south, Uruguay, Paraguay and the city of Buenos Aires would disappear.


The ice is over

The continent that will least change will be the African. Only the high temperatures will make the place uninhabitable. In Egypt, Alexandria and Cairo will be taken by a swamp.


The ice is over

In Europe, all major coastal cities will disappear, such as London, Venice, the whole of Holland and Denmark. The Mediterranean Sea will swallow the Black and the Caspian.


The ice is over

On the coast of China, 600 million people will lose their homes. 160 million in Bangladesh and India. The flooding of the Mekong delta will make Cambodia's gyrofoam island an island.

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