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The history of beauty

  •  August 13, 2020

The history of beauty

Life in society makes it difficult to define what is fashionable and what is inappropriate. Video presents the evolution of the patterns that have brought us here. In a lesson to ask where we want to go.

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In ancient Egypt, narrow shoulders.

In the Han Dynasty, 200 years before Christ, small feet and very pale skin.

In the Italian Renaissance, pronounced stomach.

In a leap up to the 1990s, the heroin chic look.

Keeping up with the current look is more than an aesthetic task.

It is about working, in addition to good form, the psychological side of those who do not fit the standards.

To illustrate this cultural evolution, BuzzFeed has produced a great video.

The work shows the evolution of the ideal of beauty in three thousand years of history.

In a few minutes, the video shows how beauty changes, as arbitrarily as it is fleeting.

But this is not a conformation class.

Knowing the origins of our behavior can help to overcome it.

Check out the transformation of the beauty ideal in the following video.

Women's Ideal Body Types Throughout History (August 2020)