The Hamburger War

  •  April 5, 2020

The Hamburger War

To test the real fans, Burger King distributes Big Macs for free. Anyone who accepts is banned from the brand's Facebook forever. In the face of the calorie explosion, this is a fight that we all lose.

It's numbers like these that scare us. The fast food market, which moved $ 55 billion in 2011, is expected to grow at a rate of 56% by 2016, according to international consultancy Euromonitor. To win this fierce market war, Norway's fast food chain Burger King innovated: instead of seeking new consumers, it decided to go after its true fans.

To accomplish this goal, the campaign, created for social networks by the agency DIST Creative, had a great idea: to distribute Big Macs for free. Those who fail to face the challenge and accept the competitor's free sandwich are banned from the Burger King fanlist on Facebook - forever. At first glance, the result was poor: Burger King lost 30,000 subscribers to its page. But on the plus side, its new base has 8,881 “true fans,” who are expected to engage and interact with the brand much more often and passionately.

From a marketing standpoint, the campaign was a success. But looking at the issue of public health, results like this are a tragedy. In this war, there are only losers.

Watch the campaign ad:

KING KONG vs GODZILLA: the hamburger war (April 2020)