The garden left the lab

  •  September 20, 2020

The garden left the lab

If the year was cabbage, 2015 won several applicants to the post. Some have already pointed out that the trend is towards kalettes. British growers launch in the United States a brussel sprout and traditional kale hybrid that promises huge success. When will it arrive in Brazil?

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Highlighted in the media, cabbage reigned in the detox menus, in recipes of green juices to light snacks.

However, the spotlight scouring upcoming food trends has pointed to kalette as its next successor.

With a slightly sweet and almond-shaped palate, the tiny, leafy greenery resembles a mini cabbage.

Like other cruciferous vegetables, kalettes are rich in numerous nutrients, particularly vitamins K and C, folate, fiber and carotenoids.

In addition, its functionality points to action on the immune system and detox effect, since it regulates the functions of the intestine in getting rid of toxins.

Its versatility and practicality of preparation has won fans. After all, kalettes can be served either raw in salads or boiled, steamed, roasted, fried with vegetable oil and ginger or added to smoothies, shakes and detox juices.

His invention is attributed to the British company Tozer Seeds, which developed the first versions about 15 years ago through hybridization and grafting.

With famous fans like Gwyneth Paltrow, the invention has pleased Americans.

However, its availability limited to the months between November and March hinders its massification. Cabbage, for example, is found all year round.

As the recommendation for healthy nutrition is to invest in diversity in the dish, relying on new vegetables is always good.

The news is good. Now all we have to do is wait for our arrival at the local fruit and vegetable markets.


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