The fountain of youth

  •  April 9, 2020

The fountain of youth

What makes the body age? Years of joy and sadness, certainly. And you can live it all over again. Recent study reveals success in experiment with guinea pigs. On a human scale, tissue has been proven rejuvenated 40 years.

Biologically speaking, we age from the lack of oxygenation of cells. Without oxygen, mitochondria can no longer convert glucose into energy. The battery simply runs out. But in a study published in the journal Cell, researchers at Harvard Medical School describe the first time that laboratory-made tissue from young cells has “revived” old cells with which it was brought into contact. The experiment was conducted with guinea pigs, in which a natural compound called NAD (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) was administered. As we get older, the levels of NAD in our body decline. As a result, our cells are vulnerable to both inflammation and slowing down metabolism.

Experience “fooled” this system into making the cells “think” to be young, which made them work again. In just one week, the two-year-old mouse got the skin of a six-month-old puppy. Compared to us humans, it means that 60-year-old cells gained functionality equivalent to 20-year-old cells.

Was it the discovery of the fountain of youth? Scientists refuse to make such a statement, although the path to further research seems promising. We'd rather believe so, but let's not wait a second for it. After all, before relying on science, we can at least slow down the process by just changing our attitude about food and exercise. To be happy, the guinea pig will always be yourself.

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