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The formula of charisma

  •  August 13, 2020

Are people born with charisma? According to a study from the University of Queensland (Australia), this is a quality you can develop. Just think fast. See how.

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Want people to see you as charismatic?

So think fast - and don't worry about always being right.

According to a study from the University of Queensland (Australia), the more ability to think (and act) fast you have, the more will be perceived as charismatic.

"Our finding shows that social intelligence means more than knowing the right thing to do," said study leader Dr. William von Hippel.

"So-called social intelligence also requires an ability to execute, and quick thinking is an important component of the ability," he added.

Study participants were evaluated by their friends to determine whether they were “charismatic”, “funny” or “insightful”.

The researchers then measured the speed of their thinking by applying to the 417 volunteers a questionnaire with 30 general knowledge questions, which they should answer as soon as possible.

In a second test, participants had to complete a series of timed recognition tasks.

Scientists found that those who completed tasks faster were perceived by their friends as having more charisma.

In another finding, quick thinking turned out to be more important than IQ.

From these facts it is reasonable to understand that more important than knowing the answer to a difficult question is to answer it first.

Only then run after the consequences of being wrong, if any.

Researchers suggest that mental speed may make it easier to mask problems such as mistakes and incompetence.

These findings suggest that social intelligence depends on mastering more than one skill, such as interpreting the feelings of others or coping well with conflict.

While face reading is certainly one of the most important traits of social intelligence, this research shows that general mental properties, such as the speed of thought, play a vital role.

The study was published in the journal Psychological science.

The Formula For Charisma (August 2020)