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The first ultra of your life

  •  April 6, 2020

The first ultra of your life

For those who have been running for some time, the monotony of training and the same usual tests can undermine commitment. Who knows one more challenge - like, 14 km more? At Easter happens Two Oceans, also known as the most beautiful race in the world.

Also known, because we already talked about the Big Sur Marathon, which is disputing the title. But the fascination surrounding Two Oceans, which takes place April 19 in Cape Town, South Africa, is undeniable.

In its 45th edition, the race is named after starting on the shores of the Indian Ocean, with the arrival of the Atlantic side. The start occurs on time at 6:30 pm local time when it is still dark. As the day comes, the scenery unfolds. If you were looking for a goal for your workouts, found it. Participants can choose from various distances - the ultra marathon (56 km), the half marathon (21 km), the Trail Run (10 km) and the Fun Runs (5 and 2.5 km). In the main race, the course is practically flat at the beginning, with the first series of climbs between kilometers 27 to 34 and the second series, from 40 to 48.

The maximum time to cover the 56 km is 7 hours, and athletes who cannot cross the finish line within this limit are without a medal. In 2013, the winner was South African David Gatebe, who closed the race with the time of 03:08:54.

There are two months to go before the race and registration is running out. Visit the official website to secure your place. To get ready, check out my LIT - Lucilia Intensive Training workout.

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The first ultra of your life

With this photo you can understand the name of the test

The first ultra of your life

The weather is always good this time of year in South Africa

The first ultra of your life

Prepare: In addition to the route being largely uphill, the scenery is breathtaking

The first ultra of your life

Rite of passage: after 56 kilometers, the arrival is exciting

Watch the video of the event disclosure.

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