The first time

  •  April 3, 2020

The first time

True internet phenomenon, video with people who have never seen each other kissing before has been watched over 60 million times. Click to join this legion of lovers.

Created to promote women's clothing brand Wren, the script for the movie First Kiss was simple. Twenty people, who had never met before, were combined in pairs. Then, in front of the camera, his task was to exchange a warm kiss on the mouth.

Unusual, beautiful and inspiring, the initiative has gone viral to the point that it has been watched over 60 million times. We have already seen the two-piece workout here - which was called sexercise.

Remember that the idea is good. After all, during the act of kissing 29 facial muscles are triggered. And a hot kiss that lasts 10 seconds can burn 12 calories at a time. According to Curious Book: Sex, by Marcelo Duarte and Jairo Bouer, to burn the calories added by a portion of lasagna requires 107 kisses. A cheesecake disappears if you trade 17. And a bottle of beer goes away after 25 "kneading".

Watch the video to motivate you to burn some calories the best way you can.

The First Time 2012 720p BluRay x264 YIFY (April 2020)