The fast food dilemma

  •  May 28, 2020

the fast food dilemma

Respect for cultural differences is fundamental. That's why Italians are disgusted by a McDonald's campaign that sneers at their national preference for pizza. It is not advertising, but our culture that makes us think about food choices.

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Multinationals are not known for subtlety.

Therefore, any slip proves to be monumental.

This has been in proportion to the reaction of Italians diate's new McDonald's commercial promoting their children's meal.

The announcement lasts a mere 20 seconds.

In it, we see a family in a pizzeria, while the garcon takes orders.

When the child's turn comes, she orders a Happy McLanche.

At this point, everyone is transported to the scene of a fast food diner, and then smiles.

"The first time I watched, I couldn't help laughing, how ridiculous this commercial is," Eduardo Pagnani, owner of Pizzeria Brandi, one of Naples' most famous, told the newspaper. Washington post.

“Then I realized that the ad ridicules our traditions to promote your product. The commercial is unfair and misleading, ”he continues.

As a good Italian, Pagnani describes a child's preference as "blasphemy."

The revolt was not restricted to competition.

In response, pizza owners are funding a commercial that responds to the provocation.

An internet petition demanding the removal of the material has already collected nearly 30,000 signatures.

At the same time, thousands of people in the country are using the hashtag #happypizza to demonstrate their homeland pride in supporting the traditional dish of local cuisine.

McDonald's reveals not only ignorance of the culture in which it tries to fit in, but rather ridicules it for its benefit.

Especially in a country that values ​​tradition and family.

On second thought, between a high-fat trans snack and a pizza, it is difficult to choose which option is the most harmful, especially from a child nutrition perspective.

Check out the ad below, and judge for yourself.

Now, look at the ironic response signed by the “Neapolitan people”.

The Fast Food Dilemma | The Zoo (May 2020)