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The falling red choice

  •  April 10, 2020

The falling red choice

To live longer, we will have to cut into the flesh. Literally. Mayo Clinic (USA) study of over one million people reveals that red meat consumption reduces longevity.

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For a long time, a meal was a piece of meat surrounded by side dishes on all sides.

Now, for reasons of conscience or an eye on the environment, vegetarian choice is on the rise.

More than a fad, the trend has come to take the lead in human nutrition.

One research review found that all causes of mortality are higher for people who eat meat every day - particularly red or processed.

Conducted by doctors at the Mayo Clinic in Arizona (United States), Is Meat Killing Us? (in English, “Is Meat Killing Us?”) was published on the American Osteopathy Association website.

The authors looked at six large studies that evaluated the effects of meat and vegetarian diets on longevity.

Their conclusion: Doctors should advise patients to limit their consumption of animal products whenever possible.

In short, consume more protein from other sources than meat.

We have recently seen that the International Agency for Cancer Research has classified processed meat as a Category 1 risk - read more in Red Threat.

As a result, sausages, bacon, dried meat and sausages are now understood as “known carcinogenic” threats.

In addition to reinforcing negative evidence, backed by the records of more than 1.5 million people, the study points to the benefits of the red meat alternative.

They also found a 3.6 year increase in life expectancy for people who followed a vegetarian diet for over 17 years.

If the option does not appeal to you completely, surely considering the facts exposed will not hurt.

After all, most of my recipes are vegetable based.

And many others recommend the consumption of fish.

Without thinking about it, we are more vegetarian today than ever - which health thanks for.

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