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The face of betrayal

  •  October 27, 2020

It's in the face. A new Canadian study reveals that face shape can predict sexual habits. And how to read in the face whether the person will cheat in the relationship or not.

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Age, gender and even emotional state.

We can say a lot about a person just looking at his face.

Now a study states that facial features can also reveal a person's sexual desire.

And the likelihood of cheating in relationships.

The research was done Nipissing University (Canada).

In it, men and women with shorter and broader faces were more sexually motivated, which means they have a higher level of libido.

Men with very wide faces had greater sexual desire than others.

And they were more open to casual sex, which does not involve love or commitment.

"Facial features can convey important information about human sexual motivations."

The explanation is from one of the authors, Steven Arnocky.

To reach this conclusion, two tests were performed.

The first participated 145 undergraduate students, men and women, all in a relationship.

They were asked about their interpersonal behavior and sexual desire.

And the proportion of facial height and width (FWHR) was measured using photographs.

In the second test, 314 students answered about attitudes toward casual sex, for example, and infidelity.

As a result, FWHR facial proportions were significantly linked to sexual desire.

Only by knowing an individual's FWHR was it possible to predict what the person reported about their sexual desire.

The relationship was the same for both sexes.

Apparently, behaviors associated with FWHR can be explained by sex hormones.

Specifically testosterone.

So, already know.

If the face of the loved one is short and wide, the desire may be more ardent.

Take care to keep it just for you.

The study was published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior.

The Face of Betrayal (October 2020)