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The example of the most affordable vegetables

  •  November 26, 2020

We eat more sweets and snacks because, always available and with their practical packaging, they are easier and more affordable than the healthier alternative. To provide the same to vegetables, invention in New Zealand has the power to reinvent eating habits.

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You might even say that you see nothing much in the invention of the New World supermarket chain, which operates in New Zealand.

But, like the story of Columbus's egg, genius turns out to be in anticipating something that has always been evident, but no one had done it before.

For those who don't have the time or the way to cut vegetables, the chain's units in Hamilton, Te Rapa and Tauranga offer pre-sliced ​​vegetables.

Organized in small transparent containers, the customer uses whatever they think is necessary for each option.

The hope of making items such as cucumbers, peppers, onions, mushrooms and broccoli more accessible also solves the problem of waste, as people take home only the benefits of vegetables.

Good for the older and younger, simply remove from the bags, at home, the amount you want to consume, to assemble salads or other dishes.

At New World supermarkets, the vegetables are renewed every three days and sold for a single price of NZ $ 9.99 (about 24 reais) a kilo.

As we can see, the convenience does not come cheap, but grows in popularity.

Now, let's wait for the news to arrive right here.


The system that sells sliced ​​vegetables in supermarkets in New Zealand: example

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