The end of air battles

  •  August 13, 2020

The end of air battles

At 30,000 feet high, the destination of any trip is sealed. In this condition, if the passenger next to you is boring, spacious or rude, there is nothing else to do. Thanks to giant origami, it is now possible to at least make up.

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The truth is, it's hard for me to find myself in these situations - but I can't help but notice when they happen.

The good news is that, at least on the issue of the armrest dispute, the solution is on its way.

Soarigami is one of those inventions that use simplicity to solve complex problems like Newton's Law, which says that two bodies cannot occupy the same place in space.

The device, inspired by Japanese origami, doubles the armrest space, always in dispute.

Foldable and portable, the product is also suitable for rail, bus, cable car travel and where there is more territory dispute for the comfort of travel.

Its appearance, which evokes childhood paper airplanes, was designed to “break” the ice and make the equipment welcome.

Soarigami is expected to hit the market in the first half of 2015. On the company's website you can book your purchase.

The product should reach the market for 30 dollars (about 70 reais).

Soarigami is the end of air battles

Watch the fun video that introduces the evils of a flight and the new solution.

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