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The Encyclopedia of Sausage

  •  April 15, 2021

If you think a hot dog consists of a poached sausage with some sauce in a loaf of bread, you know nothing. But if you want to know, the "hot dog bible" has just been published.

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It is the first processed food invented by mankind.

Being so long in our coexistence, the sausage has fans and detractors.

The detractors have arrived almost now, as we open our eyes to the threats of processed foods.

Already the fans are everywhere, age groups and social strata.

This is the target audience of The Wurst of Lucky Peach: A treasury of encased meat.

The book's own title is a mention of the current status of processed meats.

"Wurst" is the German name for sausage, which leads to the pun on the word "worst" in English.

But it is in the second part, where the work says “the treasure of encapsulated meat” that we realize how, being unable to overcome it, it is best to live together.

And knowing her better.

Its author, Chris Ying, is editor of the successful (and humorous) content producer on the Lucky Peach culinary universe.

The book takes us on a global journey to explore the numerous variations that sausage has had as it is produced and consumed by different cultures.

From cevapi, popular from the Balkans to the Czech Republic; passing through the pig in a blanket, which has origins in Denmark, Ireland, Germany, Belgium and Russia.

Even the Spanish chorizo, who came to the Americas to, with the ID of paio, star in our feijoada.

And of course we could not help but find the deference the hot dog deserves.

There are also recipes and illustrative photos that help whet your appetite.

Unfortunately, the book has no release date here.


Book is called “treasure of encapsulated meat”

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The “complete”: served in Chile and the Queens neighborhood of New York

hot dog

Hot Dog: Chapter Represents Importance of True Global Dish

All images are from Penguin Random House, Serena Maria Daniels and Jaclyn Karnowski.

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