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The drink of the future

  •  August 13, 2020

The drinks are trendy. But are they already démodé? Scientists present virtual cocktail that deceives the senses. To provide pleasure without the consequences (and calories) of the ballad.

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Drinks can be good to some extent in the club.

But overstepping exacerbates its effects - and consequences.

How about keeping up the fun and taking the hangover and empty calories off the scene?

Technology can help.

Scientists from the National University of Singapore created the Vocktail.

Called a virtual drink, the invention is not in the ingested liquid.

Which, after all, is just water.

In fact, the experience is provided by the cup.

It is equipped with electronic elements that stimulate the senses.

Just select the choice on mobile via app.

At this time, the LED light at the bottom of the glass changes color to stimulate vision.

Silver electrodes positioned on the edge are activated.

They stimulate the perception of sweet, salty or spicy palates.

Finally, a straw carries vapors of vegetable oils, such as citrus, as far as the nose.

It is these interferences, together, that make you drink water and feel a Cosmopolitan, for example.

This allows you to satisfy your taste buds without any calories.

The gadget can lead to interesting virtual experiences.

Two people can share drinks even if they are at a distance.

For now, the prototype is still improving.

But the idea can be broadened to stimulate taste in food, which could help many lose weight.

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Silver electrodes on the edge contact the tongue

The Drink of the Future (August 2020)