The (dog) life as it is

  •  April 5, 2020

Dog's life as she is

Can you see the world through your best friend's eyes? In search of a different point of view, the South African director decides to rely on his nose to record unpublished scenes that are beautiful for everyday life.

South African director Dave Meinert broke new ground in recording the music video for Johnny Neon's song "Hearts." Since he was taking care of a friend's dog over the weekend, he added the useful to the pleasant. And the idea came to think of how it could prove that it really took the pet for a walk

Simply install a GoPro camera on the adapted dog's Lemon collar to change the direction of the music video. Or rather, on paws. From there we see animated scenes of running around the house, walks and interactions with other pets, in fun images that literally put us in touch with the dog life as it is.

For those concerned about Lemon, the news is that they had a great time with the experience. In this case it is possible to say that during the shooting no animals were mistreated - quite the opposite. In a previous matter we addressed this subject. Watch the adventures of Lemon follow.

Your Life As A Dog (April 2020)