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The disease of social networks

  •  April 15, 2021

The disease of social networks

Checking out social networks doesn't just threaten us with sidewalk stumbles or mall bumps. The damage can be worse. Beware: Doctors warn of the danger of an "internet neck."

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The gesture of lowering your head by bending your neck while maintaining the semi-upright posture is changing the body of those addicted to browsing social networks with their smartphone.

The use of mobile devices (also tablets, mp3 players and e-readers) mainly affects the first vertebrae of the cervical spine. The symptoms of this modern malady, called "text neck" (literally "text neck") are headaches, neck and arm and may develop into arthritis.

To try to solve this situation, the American chiropractor Dr. Dean Fishman has created an application called Text Neck Indicator. Once installed, it shows on the phone display if you are holding the device in the correct way. If the red light comes on, just correct posture and viewing angle to turn green.

For now, the app is only available to users of Android devices. To download for free from the Google Play store, click here. Who uses iPhone has to police themselves by instinct, or warning of friends, before your neck "breaks".

If you already have symptoms, you may want to look at a digital detox at once - or until the pain is gone. Reassessing your relationship with technology and virtual friendships can be a good one.

Check out the following video that demonstrates the problem and the use of the application.

SCAD: A Disease-Specific, Social Networking Community-Initiated Study. (April 2021)