The dimensions of an emotion

  •  April 15, 2021

The dimensions of an emotion

Hungarian director Peter Vácz's award-winning animation lasts only 15 minutes. This is enough time, through a simple and catchy visual style, to embark on a sweet story that explores the fragile nature of interpersonal relationships. The invitation is made.

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He was presented at the end of 2013 as an undergraduate work by Péter Vácz at the MOME Anim School in Budapest.

Since then, "The Bunny and the Deer" has been conquering the world. The animated short film has been presented at over 300 festivals in 63 countries and has so far won over 120 awards.

Without dialogue, it is accessible to everyone and its understanding is universal.

In the story, the harmony between a rabbit and a deer, which live together happily, is tested by one of their obsession with change. Until, after discoveries, friends find their way back to each other.

Take 15 minutes to watch this beautiful and sensitive fable.

When you are done, go on your date and hug your dearest friend for the same time.


In this illustration, the production celebrates one of its first awards.

Watch below.

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