The debate of the ideal body

  •  May 28, 2020

The concern with aesthetic standards is not yours alone. I'm glad To bring interest to the subject, the debate over the democratization of measures gains new focus with documentary made by crowdfunding.

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The self-collection to fit the standard society imposes comes at a high price.

We have seen that, according to an American study, the shame of one's body may be making women really sick.

If fighting against idealized beauty is difficult, many people have chosen to make peace with what they call “real beauty”.

Along this path, many people in the fashion industry have been putting the issue on the agenda.

Thus, plus size models and brands have thrived.

But not without avoiding much controversy, of course.

To contribute to the debate, director Jenny McQuaile tried to make a documentary, fundraising, via Kickstarter available.

His proposal was to dive into the backstages of two seasons of fashion shows in New York, following models, brands, editors and photographers who choose to work with “nonstandard” models.

Unfortunately, your task failed without success.

But we have to recognize that the project met part of its goal, which was to keep the subject in focus.

After all, the idea of ​​discussing the female body and how the perception of well-being is redefining the beauty standard in fashion is more than valid.

We know it is possible to feel beautiful in any size.

However, does surrendering to this argument mean accepting obesity as the new normal?

For the sake of discussion, I hope Jenny can find other ways to fund her project.

Watch the documentary trailer in the following video.

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