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The cup beyond the four lines

  •  May 28, 2020

The cup beyond the four lines

If football is a box of surprises, organizing a Cup is a black box. Given what you see, there is no comfort in knowing that it has been much worse. But journalist Edgardo Martolio's book shows us that just by talking about it, we can celebrate a great goal.

The proposal to classify the protests against the World Cup as terrorist acts, being processed in the Senate under an urgent regime, already shows how nebulous the issue may be. Transparency in the relationship between football and politics simply does not exist. The interest is in the rulers, who use the sport to manipulate, or at least try, public opinion. For a World Cup, or for maintaining power, anything goes.

The book “Stolen Glory: The Other Side of Hearts” by journalist and editor Edgardo Martolio shows that the history of world football goes far beyond what happens on the pitch. With courage and clairvoyance, he portrays how rulers of totalitarian regimes influenced the history of football and the World Cups, sometimes out of political will, many others out of personal vanity. Edited by Figurati, the book will be released on June 3 with an autograph session at the Shopping Villa Lobos Culture Bookstore, in São Paulo, from 19h.

Edgardo Martolio is the managing director of Caras magazine and a dear friend. It is with his well known dedication and vast experience in sports journalism that he presents us with the backstage of the almost 20 World Cups. We know that Edgardo will be able to add much more later, in a second edition, to the end of the World Cup in Brazil. We hope to fill this next chapter with a slightly more optimistic ending.

The cup beyond the four lines

One of the characters in the book, Haitian national team player Ernst Jean-Joseph, was arrested and tortured by the ruling dictatorship simply because he failed the anti-dopping exam in 1974, the only year Haiti participated in a Cup.

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