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The cream pays off

  •  September 20, 2020

Absolute truths have the ability, at some point in history, to be absolutely wrong. There are those who believe that dieting is to live thinking about the “forbidden” and never about the good things. The good news is that you can question that too.

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For a long time, I wasted time on diets.

I imagined that to lose weight I would have to deny one of my biggest interests, which is eating.

I won some battles on the basis of deprivation.

But in the end, it was eventually defeated.

Until one day I realized that I owe a huge weight to the food.

How did I change my relationship with the table?

I stopped my obsession with calories and went back to eating everything but favoring healthier foods and habits.

Substituting ingredients and modifying the preparation, I found it possible to save more than a thousand calories a day without changing the menu I was used to.

I understand that no recipe is sacred and that any dish can be lighter in the hands of creative people.

And essentially curious.

That is why the subject I bring is pertinent, on the grounds that we must question everything that comes to us as absolute truths.

Today I was able to confront the commonplace of 10 out of 10 bloggers that some items are banned from the table.

A brand in the US market since 1948, Reddi-wip reinvents itself with the release of the "fat free" version.

This whipped cream spray with just 5 Kcal in two tablespoons and absolutely no grams of trans fat shows that alternatives exist, just (recognize the need) to upgrade.

One should not be stuck with outdated concepts because the industry innovates all the time.

As the market follows the demand, soon we will find the news here!


Cream Team Productions hard work pays off! (September 2020)