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The cream pays off

  •  April 15, 2021

Stolen Revenue

Imagine a recipe so delicious that it becomes the target of espionage, theft and criminal investigations. All to reproduce a candy that is driving a city and the whole world crazy: the cruffin.

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This is a case where life imitates art. At least the culinary art.

A few months ago, pastry chef Ry Stephen introduced the citizens of San Francisco and thousands of tourists to his invention of cruffins.

The passion for this croissant pastry muffin, which takes several fillings, took its first bite.

As a result, queues do not stop forming in front of his store, Mr. Holmes Bakerhouse (1042 Larkin St).

Because of the success, the place has no time to close - which happens whenever the product ends. As this happens every day (and sooner than expected) candy becomes rare, which motivates all pilgrimage.

The whole thing looks like a cult, which increased in the last month after the establishment was stolen.

At three o'clock on February 27, a thief broke into the bakery. Mysteriously, all of the site's valuables remained intact. The fascinator's target was the cruffin recipe.

The thief also took 230 other recipes, many still unpublished, contained in a binder.

As a crime scene, the business has become even more famous as more and more people want to taste the desired flavor.

Since the missing text only listed the ingredients, without describing the method of preparation, there is a great possibility that the delicacy cannot be reproduced.

Also because the original recipe takes three days to be ready, it is made with butter imported from Isigny-sur-Mer (France) and demands specific knowledge about French pasta.

While the police are investigating the case, some believe it is a good marketing ploy. As doubt increases, sales keep pace.

In San Francisco? To get a broader opinion on the subject, be aware that the batches leave on time at nine. Arrive early.

Stolen Revenue

Pastry chef Ry Stephen and a batch of cruffins

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