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The chubby racing club

  •  August 9, 2020

The chubby racing club

Anyone who is out of shape is ashamed to go out for exercise. But that should not stop anyone from being healthy and happy. Running club in England gathers chubby to encourage everyone to move.

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Julie Creffield is chubby, yes. Tired of hearing funny and derogatory comments about her form during running practice, the reaction of this 36-year-old Englishwoman was the least expected. Instead of giving up the sport she loves, she decided to organize people who feel like her in a club, defiantly called To Fat To Run? ("Too fat to run?").

Without giving heed to what he heard, in 2003 Julie began to participate in races. Then went on to publicize the achievements in a blog. Because she didn't mind sometimes coming in late, her example was being shared. Today, the site it maintains expects to soon reach one million memberships.

Although research says women are more sensitive to criticism of their appearance, Julie has refused to live up to the role society imposes on her. This questioning of current aesthetic standards has motivated many people. The group is democratic, bringing together both women and men of various age groups.

According to Julie, "joking" is the number one problem that overweight people face when deciding to take care of themselves and expose themselves in public. Aggressive and pejorative comments lead to depression, anxiety and low self-esteem. All of this leads to behavioral patterns that only make the situation worse.

React, girl. The message of the chubby racing club is that we should use the negativity of others as personal motivation.

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