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The choice for adventure

  •  April 15, 2021

Want to lose weight? Enroll in a course, go scuba diving and have a more interesting life. According to a study, we appeal to snacks to trigger hormone production that our daily lives cannot.

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To lose weight, the formula is to exercise and face a diet, right?

Perhaps these efforts, which are not few, are not enough.

According to a study from the University of Central Lancashire (England), in addition to ensuring lower calorie consumption and accelerating your losses in the gym, it helps (and much) lead a more interesting life.

Researchers have found that when we are bored we appeal to snacks.

When we lack stimuli at work, socially or at home, we yearn for fatty and sugary foods so that the body produces the hormone dopamine.

Dr. Sandi Mann's team, the study leader, conducted two studies that relate boredom and dietary choices.

In the first, 52 volunteers had to perform a tedious task in which they repeatedly copied the same group of words by hand.

Then they had to answer which food they would like to eat later.

In the second study, 45 participants watched either a boring or a funny video, during which a variety of healthy and unhealthy snacks were available.

The bowls were weighed before and after each display to find out how much of each snack had been eaten.

The result of the first study showed that people were more likely to prefer unhealthy foods such as chips, candy and fast food after completing the boring task.

The second study showed that participants who watched the boring video ate significantly more unhealthy snacks.

About the findings, Dr. Mann said: "These results are in line with previous research suggesting that we yearn for fatty and sugary foods when we are bored."

"This reinforces the theory that boredom is related to low levels of dopamine in the brain and that people try to balance it by eating fat and sugar."

This text used information from the article published on the website of the British newspaper. Daily mail - Read the full text here.

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