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The Bible in Emojis

  •  May 28, 2020

Emojis constitute the only truly universal language. To win over new readers, the Bible gained scripture translation into an app using these drawings.

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In Japanese, emojis are pictograms.

This library of fun images, also known as emoticons, is revolutionizing our communication.

Easily understood, they speak quickly what cannot be worked out over time.

Today, emojis are what Esperanto once wanted to be, the true universal language.

Born in the mobile environment, its adoption is higher among young people.

That's why anyone who wants to communicate with the next generation must translate thoughts and dogma via smiley - or cry - faces out of some 1,500 drawings available.

And reasons to cry are not lacking in the characters in Humanity's most popular book.

With the release of a new edition, a mix of English with emojis, the Bible seeks to renew and broaden its audience.

The Bible Emoji claims to be the "scriptures for the Millenials."

Now the story from Abraham and Noah to Jesus is available as an app with 3,300 pages.

To publicize the release, the app's creators also produced the Bible Emoji Translator website, which converts their favorite passage into cartoon language.

Download the app for $ 2.99 from the AppStore - click here.


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