The best water in the world

  •  April 15, 2021

The best water in the world

It is tasteless, odorless and colorless. But to rank the best, add shyness to their qualities. Meet Magma, the water of the Cabreiroá aquifer that has never seen sunlight.

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To the naked eye, waters are all the same.

Among mineral formulations and personal tastes, it is the taste buds of science that classify preferences.

That's because most people have probably never tasted Magma.

Magma is not sparkling water like the others.

The underground aquifer from which it is drawn, located in Galicia, is supplied by rainwater, which falls into one of Spain's best-preserved natural environments.

It is then filtered through a unique layer of volcanic magma, protected by a granitic massif, in the so-called Penacova-Régua-Verin tectonic fault.

The mantle was discovered in the 19th century, and only now has its owner been able to develop the technology necessary to exploit it commercially.

After centuries in complete darkness, water acquires the natural carbon dioxide it gives off from terrestrial magma.

Without contact with light, its chemistry remains pure, without the formation of microorganisms.

To maintain this feature, it is packaged in 500 ml aluminum bottles, whose opacity protects it from any interaction with light.

Its organoleptic properties make it the first choice for both haute cuisine and premium cocktail preparation.

The secret lies in their balanced combination of natural gas and minerals, with elements in optimal amounts to uniquely stimulate the taste buds.

In 2011, the product received the Gold Medal of Quality in the mineral water category, from the certification entity Monde Selection, Brussels.

To this medal is added the Most Innovative Packaging Award, won at the Gerona Gastronomic Forum, granted in the same year.

When traveling around Europe, be sure to look for where it is sold.

Experience makes hydration so necessary a pleasure of the senses.


Its characteristics make it the first choice for haute cuisine dishes

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