The best interview of your life

  •  November 26, 2020

The best interview of your life

How to make the perfect job interview? Tips on how to work body language help you be more likely to express your true potential.

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Learning how to make a good impression on your interviews is not that difficult. It's all about working body language. It is called nonverbal communication. Career consultant, American Melissa Dawn, has organized a series of simple advice from posture to facial expression.

Follow the tips and good luck!

Placid face

It is the shape of the mouth that indicates its behavior. In the few minutes of interface with the interviewer, it reveals whether you are a positive or negative person. Lip-up corners: You are a positive person. Lip-down corners: You're moody. In this case, keep your lips smiling and with a positive or neutral expression.

Walk confident

The way you head to the interview room is already being observed. With your chin up and confident, walking at a rapid pace, you are confident of yourself. Walking slowly and erratically shows insecurity - which is normal, but too much may indicate that you have no confidence that you can handle the message.


This is one of the oldest tests practiced by human resources professionals. A firm grip, added to an eye to eye, signals that you are a confident and reliable person. A loose grip without eye contact says you are insecure. A nervous and agitated grip demonstrates an aggressive personality and lack of sensitivity. And who shakes his hand a lot signals insecurity. To put your other hand on top, like a sandwich, is to force intimacy. Be firm and ready.


Watching how you sit provides a good read of your nonverbal communication. The candidate who sits with his back straight and his head stable looks relaxed and confident, which also indicates confidence in what he does. Whoever sits back in his chair and puts his hands behind his head shows disrespect, a clear sign that the position does not interest him. Pay attention if your feet do not point to the door. This reflects a desire to leave. That is, it feels straight and facing forward.

Triumphant exit

Your leaving is your last chance. Simply slipping down the chair and sliding your shoulders down signals the admission of a defeat that has not yet been decreed. If your confidence is on trial, you can get points. Withdrawing as you entered, erect and stable, signals that you are ready to begin.

To memorize, check out the infographic below.

the best interview of your life

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