The best drink in the world

  •  April 10, 2020

Bogart said that humanity is three doses late. To make this difference, a new guide reveals the most interesting places on all continents for a drink.

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The trend has been building over the last 10 years.

Now the mixology scene has exploded around the world.

To meet the demand of younger, more demanding customers, the art of making drinks has reinvented itself.

And today not only features rereading of classics, but also authorial creations.

To elect the best cocktails, experts Joel Harrison and Neil Ridley toured the world.

The result of this investigation was turned into a book.

The title is Straight Up (Where to drink & what to drink on every continent).

As expected, the goal is to list the best addresses on all continents.

Including Antarctica.

The result turns out to be a very careful collection of insider tips.

And organized in ethyl scripts.

The work is being released this week and, for marketing purposes, makes mystery about its content.

In Brazil it will be available from December - book yours here.

For this reason, only some of the names that the report lists were disclosed.

Check out those revealed by the site Daily mail, by continent.


Tweed Bar (Stockholm, Sweden)

Callooh Callay (London, England)


Atlas (Singapore)

Aer at the Four Seasons (Bombay, India)

Africa and Middle East

Asoka (Cape Town, South Africa)

Benny’s Cask Ale Pub (Tel Aviv, Israel)


American Bar (Melbourne, Australia)

The Baxter Inn, (Sydney, Australia)

North America

Dead Rabbit (New York, United States)

Midnight Rambler (Dallas, United States)

Central and South America

El Floridita (Havana, Cuba)

The English Bar at Country Club Hotel (Lima, Peru)


Faraday Bar (Vernadsky Scientific Station)


The Atlas in Singapore was considered the most beautiful in the world.

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