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The Best Carnival Stories

  •  March 28, 2020

The Best Carnival Stories

Remember Carnival? It is true that there are people who even want to forget. But I love the stories that happen in the so-called momesco triduum. So much so that I asked you to send the most curious, funny and special. Maybe yours was chosen?

The revelry was good. I received dozens of personal stories related to Carnival. I loved to know about the experiences, novels, small disasters and many interesting facts that happen and almost nobody knows. But now they will be!

After all, I shared my story here myself. And today, I chose the ones I find most fun and exciting. Was it yours?

The most beloved collaborations were:

1º - Leticia Silveira

2nd - Cleusa Steffen

3rd - Michele Buarque

Dear, thank you! You can expect that soon I will have the opportunity to return your affection in height. Now your stories follow, so they checked and shared. And to all who participated, many kisses!

Folia's Folia, by Leticia Silveira

My carnival story begins when, at age 16, I was introduced to my cousin's best friend. In time, our hearts beat faster than the drums! We went to watch the parade in Rio de Janeiro, we identified and fell in love, living this love for three months, because when my father found and never left we met. It said I was very young and had to study before dating. My cousin, our "cupid", left for Europe - so we never met again. But 10 years have passed and I have not forgotten what was my first kiss, my first love, my first Carnival in Rio de Janeiro.

It was then that, at 26, I went back to experience the magical experience of Rio Carnival. And this time, realizing the dream of parading in Sapucaí and feel the magic in my heart and live. I was at the concentration of the school, awaiting the opening of the gates, and sambando stumbled on my own feet. I fell to the floor and, to my surprise, who came to help me up? He, Beto, my first love, was there, holding out his hand, smiling at me and thrilled to find me, in the same fantasy as him! We were ready to parade in the same wing, hearts beating like the first time. And as if that wasn't enough, we met my cousin on the way with a group of friends. Yes, our cupid was there too! Counting, no one believes. But fate has given us two carnivals and we have been married for 14 years, happy, loving and loving Carnival, especially Rio de Janeiro.

Family Harmony, by Cleusa Steffen

A normal, busy Monday, bus until empty home, where my sister was waiting for me. She wanted to go to a carnival ball, but for our father to release, the condition was that I go along. Very grudgingly I went, came in and ... it was love at first sight, for a person who was there. Conclusion: 42 years married. My oldest son, who was laughing at history, eleven years ago went to Carnival in Salvador. And on Monday, he also met his future wife! That is, we are against the theory that Carnival love does not climb the mountain.

If you play, by Michele Buarque

I was always in love with the hose. It was always a dream to parade, but as I was very fat, I said to myself: when I lose weight, I will parade. Last year, during Carnival, I was at home, resting, with nothing to do. Well, suddenly, a friend named Lucia asks if I want to parade in Mangueira, because a girl who was going to parade had given up. I didn't think twice and I went, it was about 7:30 pm and my school came in at 10pm. Guys, my heart didn't fit inside my chest, so much my emotion. The costume was completely covered, it only showed my face and my hands, the two feet of the boot were the left foot. Here in Rio was unbearable heat, but I went anyway!

Then my saga began. When it was time to get in the cab, my splendor was in the driver's face, so much so that we had to open the windows so I could get in… When I got off, I ended up holding my hand on the car door. Guys, it was unbearable pain, I thought I was going to die. And I no longer knew whether it was happiness or pain at all. We were just in time, my school was the second to parade. My friend and I went looking for the ward, and it was a mess. Me and that outfit, which kept clinging to all the components…

But in the end it all worked out. I paraded with my aching finger, then I didn't even feel that anymore… It was very worth all the suffocation I went through. This Carnival was in my history. Just to tell, I remember the emotion I felt as I watched my school parade - and me there, participating in it all.

This year 2013, I lost 47 pounds. And I'm happier than ever! What I've learned? Never stop living something out of your own prejudices. I saw life intensely. After all, life is unique. If you play!

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