The beautiful ones who forgive me

  •  March 28, 2020

The beautiful ones who forgive me

But ugliness is key. Poor poet, but that seems to be the truth. Study reveals that when we have to remember someone, the ugliest are the first ones that come to mind.

Can't remember his name? If you're always in this situation, you're probably trying to remember the most handsome man at the party.

In a surprising study, German researchers at the University of Jena found evidence that imperfect faces are more likely to be remembered than more symmetrical features. The study also reveals a curiosity. Although we don't remember the prettiest ones, they give us the feeling that we've seen them before. This is because the brain tends to strive to recognize them simply because we are naturally attracted to them.

However, although we do not remember their names, the most beautiful do not matter much. According to other research conducted by Essex University (England), theirs (and their) are the best jobs and job opportunities.

For me, everything is a matter of attitude. Taking care, inside and out, should be enough to lead a normal and healthy life. In a previous article, we have already seen that aesthetic standards are changing. Free yourself from people's judgment, focus on yourself and be happy!

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