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The Bear Friend Diet

  •  April 9, 2020

The Bear Friend Diet

How can you? Bears consume 58,000 calories a day, but they don't get fat and have no heart problems. Pharmaceutical company studies how to leverage this example to create the cure for obesity.

Scientists study gray bears in the hope of developing drugs that fight obesity. The reason is that, despite their high consumption of fat and calories, the health of these animals does not suffer from the ills that we humans are unfortunately getting used to living with. The species, whose males easily reach 500 pounds, consumes an average of 58,000 calories per day and, despite its apparent cuteness, does not put on weight.

Prior to hibernation (when sleeping all winter), gray bears consume as much as 50 pounds of nuts, salmon and wild fruits, which increases their cholesterol and high blood pressure. However, unlike us, it does not affect your hearts or clog your veins - and they do not become diabetic.

Amgen lab is currently researching 12 bears at the University of Washington (United States) to discover its secret. By studying blood samples, biopsies, and other tests, bears have been found to modify their sensitivity to insulin, a hormone that controls the body's sugar and fat levels. For those concerned, know that the animals are well cared for, without any aggression of any kind. It is with love that they collaborate on a discovery on which a healthier future depends - and a lot.

Dr. Kevin Corbit, responsible for the experiment, said the research was inspired by his favorite childhood character, Zé Hive. The explanation is that despite his comrades he always appears fit in adventures. But don't get too excited. The studies should last a further two years before their conclusions are applied in practice. The example of Zé Hive you should follow is that of the race - as each cartoon ends with him running away from the mess!

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