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The banquet is served

  •  October 27, 2020

The banquet is served

New York ants eat the equivalent of 60,000 hot dogs a year in food that people drop to the ground. Eating habits and waste are on the agenda. Meanwhile, the little ones have fun.

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Next time you drop food on the floor, don't be so sad. For thousands of little creatures, the banquet is served.

Every year, the arthropod population of the largest American city, such as centipedes, ants and spiders, have a ton of fast food available.

These are crumbs of sandwiches, chips, cookies and other snacks, which together amount to 60,000 hot dogs, 200,000 cookies or 600,000 chips.

The insect party is bigger on the streets than in the parks, where biodiversity is greatest and the dispute includes pigeons and rodents. Sidewalks are preferred because of the heat of the concrete, which accelerates ants metabolism.

North Carolina State University research, published in the scientific journal Global Change Biology, was designed to prepare the administration for the infestation and trash problems in cities, which increasingly attract residents.

Preserving urban fauna is vital for life in society. Pollination and air purification are tasks undertaken by the always misunderstood insects. But that does not mean you should feed them.

After all, paying attention to the act of eating is more important to your nutrition and the balance result.

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