The art attack

  •  May 28, 2020

The limit of its use for leisure or war is obscure. Therefore, we still do not know how the use of drones will be defined. Some people use their technology to make art. With that, by the way, the spirit rises.

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Drones are small-scale, remotely controlled aircraft.

Unfortunately for now, its military use, in reaching US targets without risking troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, is best known.

However, with the accessibility of technology, these computerized aircraft are becoming increasingly popular.

And not because of their war potential, but because of their growing employment in activities such as delivering mail, filming in hard-to-reach places, and now as part of the show.

Using the instrument, Shadows choreography shows a delicate ballet in which the lighting is done by the machines in flight.

This is a collaborative project between choreographer Mikiko and programmer and designer Daito Manabe.

Watch the ballet with drones in the following video.

Art Attack - 'Treehouse' Make (May 2020)