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The appetite of love

  •  August 13, 2020

Love feeds. Unfortunately, much more than it should! Study reveals that couples in love fatten 1.8 kg per year of relationship. Does the injury stop there?

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Without realizing it, the cause of your extra pounds may be by your side.


We have always known that married people tend to put on weight.

Now, research sponsored by British brand Forzadiet has found not only how true this is, but the amount added to the scale.

The poll investigated a thousand couples.

The researchers found that each one gained 1.8 kg per year of marriage on average.

Of course, this climb is not at the beginning of mutual interest.

More than half of couples reported weight gain after three years of relationship, when both entered a "comfort zone."

That's when the salads and the moderation of the dating season come out, and a more homely menu comes into play.

Faithfulness is touching.

62% of couples gain weight together, with one acquiring bad eating habits from the other.

Women have a greater influence on the couple's weight gain.

Because they gained weight first, 54% of them assumed they had “caused” their husbands' weight gain.

But only 28% of them said they had changed their costumes because of their partner's inspiration.

But the good news is that many couples who gained weight together also lost weight together.

56% said they achieved this goal by engaging in the same diet at the same time, usually after the New Year.

61% said it was easier to face dietary restrictions if they were together in the effort.

These last numbers represent the bright side that every partnership relationship should have.

And it gives us hope that if we can't make it on our own, we can count on help that is always by our side.

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