The actual age of the body

  •  April 6, 2020

The actual age of the body

Not worth what is in the RG. Maybe you are living in someone else's skin. And older. Bad habits and poor diet change metabolism and the result… is in the face. Calculator helps to check the age of your health.

Are you getting older as you should? With the Vitality Age online age calculator you can find out. Developed by British insurer PruHealth, the program is based on an algorithm created from 5,000 scientific studies. And what she reveals is shocking. A 30-year-old may have a biological age of 50!

Where the calculator was first released in England, the discovery was that 20% of the Queen's subjects, among the economically active, had a body age eight years older than her chronological age. Worst of all are those who are in "denial" - just two thirds of the population who think they are fit and therefore do not take care of themselves.

The main factors that make us prematurely older are lack of physical activity, mood, poor diet, smoking, alcohol and being overweight. See this example. For a 50-year-old man who weighs 1.75 m, weighs 83 pounds and does moderate exercise (walking four times a week), has a balanced diet, drinks a beer every night and is relatively happy, his body age will be 56 years. But if the same man has high blood pressure and high cholesterol, this age jumps to absurd 63 years. The opposite also happens. Especially among athletes. Former athlete Sebastian Coe, 57, is 54 years old. And Olympic medalist Jessica Ennis, 27, features a 23-year-old body.

It is true that today people live longer. The problem is that it is a longer and more disease-prone life. To literally make up for lost time, changes in daily habits need to be introduced. Small as they are, they are already effective. How about an extra salad spoon today, just for starters?

The actual age of the interface body

Diagnostics and indications do not replace doctors, only illustrate the ills and benefits of our habits.

The actual age of the body

Factors such as weight, exercise, eating habits, happiness level and other factors are considered.

The actual age of the body

The good news is that the calculator also tells you what you need to do to reduce body age.

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