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The 100 Kcal Face

  •  July 8, 2020

Linking the name to the person - or more. To make it easier to understand what a minimal portion of food represents, the site has recorded what 100 calories look like in the form of various ingredients.

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Currently, the daily calorie intake recommended by health agencies is 2,000 for women and 2,500 for men.

The bill has been pretty much the same for a long time, so many people have become accustomed to controlling their diet by tracking the calories they eat.

For this reason, it has always been in the focus to see what the 10% portions of this amount look like, ie 200 Kcal - see here.

But consumer behavior does not conform to industry standards - quite the opposite.

To cater to even the most demanding people, in Europe it is now possible to find food in 100-calorie packages.

That's right: with an emphasis on calories and not on the net weight of the goods.

Keeping an eye on the new hype, the site Food Network produced a series of images in which we see how different items represent in 100 calories.

100 calorie face

One small baked potato = 100 calories

100-calorie face-up3

One can of sardines in edible oil, drained = 100 calories

100-calorie face-up2

2 cubes of cheddar cheese = 100 calories

100 calorie face

5 dried figs = 100 calories

100-calorie face-up5

9 broccoli rapiers = 100 calories

100-calorie Face Pack6

12 Brussels sprouts = 100 calories

100-calorie face-up7

13 boiled shrimps = 100 calories

100-calorie face-up8

15 halves of cashews = 100 calories

100 calorie face

16 celery stalks = 100 calories

100 calorie face

20 sun-dried tomatoes = 100 calories

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