Template for a minute

  •  April 5, 2020

Template for a minute

For a few minutes, forget the tummy. If you've always questioned the absurd beauty of models in perfume ads, you can now enjoy starring in one of these campaigns. Maybe you don't get excited about the joke?

In the struggle to lose belly, it takes a lot of humor. After all, beyond the balance, much of our self-acceptance goes around. With that in mind, the Los Angeles-based company Commodity proposes a joke with its customers.

In the 1 Minute Model app, you can scale to shine in an ad campaign. First, the task is to access the site and upload your own photo. Then just choose the most appropriate pose and finish. You can even invent the name of the fragrance, or generate one through the program.

The proposal is to question the aesthetic standards. We have already talked a lot about this subject, which involves our self-criticism. Working on the inside makes us project an idealized image. Did you like what you saw? So move, girl!

Template for a minute

You can star in a perfume campaign: use it as a stimulus

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