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Tasty hydration

  •  October 27, 2020

Drinking water is good for health - and also for losing weight. But some don't because they just don't like it. New invention changes the senses to bring calorie-free taste to what is tasteless, odorless and colorless.

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Doctors recommend six to eight glasses a day.

Whether due to hectic daily life or lack of interest, it is easy to lose control of how much water we should drink throughout the day.

When we feel thirsty, that means we have already lost 2% to 3% of our body weight in water.

After all, it is vital to our survival.

Among other functions, water regulates the body's internal temperature, lubricates our bone joints and participates in the transport of nutrients to muscles and organs.

Poor hydration, caused by inattention or lack of resources, leads to worsening sports performance, cramps, dizziness and other symptoms.

To avoid the lack of interest in this consumption, an invention guarantees to add fruit flavors to the simple water.

And without the corresponding calories that juices eventually bring.

The Right Cup (something like “the right cup”) brings a kind of lining that gives off fruity aromas right on the nose.

The idea is to stimulate the senses by fooling the brain into thinking that you are sipping a more complex and interesting drink.

According to its inventors, the effect becomes stronger as you get used to it.

If used on a large scale, this simple device can help combat obesity and other health problems that sugary drinks can cause.

The effect lasts for six months, and is priced at $ 35.

That sounds like a lot, but when you think you only need two a year, buying is advantageous because you no longer have to buy juice or soda.

Initially, the release of the cup is scheduled for the end of the year, or early 2016.

Therefore, the product is not yet for sale.

But you can now order yours at 30% off through the brand's official website - click here.

Check out the following video how this idea works.

Day 4: Tasty Hydration (October 2020)