Takeout Restaurant

  •  April 10, 2020

takeaway restaurant

In pursuit of the greatest sensory pleasure, the compass indicates the direction of the setting sun. Until February, the best restaurant in the world, Danish Noma, is taking orders in Japan. It is not a new unit. The truth is that the whole team has moved on to discover and serve new flavors.

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Noma has already been voted the best in the world by the 50 Best ranking.

Now, to taste the dishes famous for combining modern techniques with local and even unknown ingredients, you need to make a reservation. Even on a flight.

But don't book your ticket to Denmark, Noma's official address and closed until March 24.

The queues now form nearly 10,000 kilometers away at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel's restaurant, located in the Chuo district of central Japan.

For fans of René Redzepi's inventiveness, the good news is that the laureate menu is behind us.

The trip is designed for the chef and his team to discover and try new recipes and ingredients, from millennial to almost forgotten ones.

For example, one of his wishes was to work with rice. Then came his ice cream made from the popular Japanese grain.

Ants and other rare items are served on the tasting menu of the new and temporary home. The value is about 1,500 reais, with wine.

To get a table, leave the name of the waiting list - click here.

And pray for dropouts. There are only 50 seats per meal.

The experiment continues until February 14th.

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