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Take care of the body after childbirth

  •  April 15, 2021

Children change everything in our lives. Inside and out, literally. Now, guide arrives to guide a healthy and well-disposed pregnancy and a rapid postpartum recovery.

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Due to the change in hormones during pregnancy, changes occur throughout the body.

The largest of these is perceived not only at the waist but by its reflection on the scale.

Mother of two, Angelica Banhara knows very well what to do to recover postpartum measures.

She was my working partner in the editing of three books, and as editorial director of Boa Forma magazine.

Now as director of Women’s Health and Men’s Health, Angelica brings the issue even closer to the general public.

Her new book, “Guide to Pregnant in Shape: Exercise and Diet Before and After Childbirth,” is being sold at newsstands throughout Brazil.

With this distribution strategy, future mothers and those who have just given birth gain access to useful information.

Well when most are lacking them.

Especially regarding recovery after childbirth.

And the terrible fear of getting fat and not returning to the form of before.

To guide women who want to have strong, healthy babies without, however, compromising the lifestyle they have chosen, the book provides guidelines for physical activity.

And a complete menu to follow throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding, with replacement table and tips on how to cope with major discomforts.

All in a practical and easy to consult, with the support of a team highly qualified in nutrition, pregnancy and fitness.

The book, which bears the label of Editora Abril, costs R $ 24,90.

You can also find it in bookstores and online, on the websites of Livraria Cultura e Saraiva.

How to Look After Yourself After Having a Baby (April 2021)