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Sweet Potato Bonfire

  •  April 15, 2021

The delicacies of this time of year are real temptations. In order not to miss the best of the party, we can celebrate the arraiás with light snacks, as is the case with this delicious and appropriate recipe with sweet potato.

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In almost everything, sweet potato is superlative.

It has more potassium and five times more calcium than English potatoes.

Champion of diets, sweet potato has the so-called resistant starch.

This type of starch acts as a soluble fiber.

As a result, it attracts sugar and fat from foods, making them absorb slowly.

Thus it increases satiety and provides energy in a balanced way without raising blood glucose levels.

And rich in fiber, it makes the body eliminate toxins.

The following recipe is ready in 20 minutes.

And yields two portions, with 245.8 Kcal each.

Sweet Potato Bonfire

sweet potato bonfire on the table


1 sweet potato cut into sticks
Dash of olive oil
Salt to taste
Turkey breast chips to decorate - see here the recipe

sweet potato-bonfire-ingredients

Method of preparation

Cut the potato into sticks.
Cook in boiling water for eight minutes.
In a frying pan put a drizzle of olive oil.
Add the potato sticks and season with the salt.
Fry for about three minutes or until golden.
Mount the sticks on a bonfire-shaped plate.
Put the turkey breast chips in the middle and serve.

Check out the video below the step by step of this recipe.

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