Surviving Overtime

  •  April 10, 2020

Surviving Overtime

Overworking shows commitment and commitment to your life project. But you can also, without your realizing it, compromise you entirely. Agency creates survival kits for those who turn days into service. There are those who find it funny.

We already saw that those who work overtime gain more… weight. Those who work the night shift tend to get fat. And this is not about willpower. It is the fault of the body's biological clock. When we are busy, and right at mealtime, we let the subtle signs of satiety pass. Hence, we ate beyond the bill. And the worst choices possible. Anyone who can't get off the table to feed is guaranteeing more than children's milk - and it's not a good thing.

Whether to draw attention to the problem, or even to effectively help those who need to stretch the time, the Phoenix agency is launching workaholics survival kits. Because advertising is among the activities that provide the most office nights, the creative team at this Canadian agency used their own expertise to come up with three emergencies where help is always welcome. Thus, three kits were created: “Overtime”, “Presentation Day” and “Recharging the Batteries”. The joke is serious. To order your favorite just send an email.

But if you cannot meet your quota of sleep, all is not lost. Here are some tips that will help keep your engine running. At least until you can rest and recharge the batteries.

Overtime Survival Kit


To keep you busy at extra hours: bottle for drink, antistress ball, earphone and peanut

overtime kit

The project is for yesterday: no evening will be complete without coffee

Survival Day Presentation Kit

presentation-day kit

Night has turned and the client is coming: and whatever God wants!


To look good on ribbon, bow tie, eye drops and notepad

Survival Kit Recharge the Batteries

extra-charge kit

Working late and at full capacity can cause power to drop: for one more emergency, the right kit

extra-charge2 kit

Candles, deck, book and wool socks to wait for the light to come back

Surviving Overtime (April 2020)