Surrender to rest

  •  May 29, 2020

Surrender to rest

With Sunday over, a lot of people go into despair. But even if he is interrupted eight hours later by the sound of an unwanted alarm clock, it is worth thinking that one last uncommitted sleep remains. The inspiration is in this video.

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The real protest should be so that the weekend doesn't end.

As it is not possible, we seek palliatives, such as the scenes of dogs and cats that always move us.

Especially when they are in the explicit cuteness state, such as when they are sleepy and trying not to surrender.

If you are browsing the site in bed or on the couch, do not resist.

Below are 50 pets literally sleeping on their feet. Even on four legs, the task is not easy at all. But it proves immensely inspiring.

Powerful REPROGRAMMING! Let Go and Surrender Affirmations for Sleep. Allow, Trust, Faith. (May 2020)